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Prediction of learned helplessness based on academic resilience and test anxiety in students with academic failure (292 Downloads)
Relationship between time management behaviors and self-efficacy with academic performance in e-learning environment (285 Downloads)
The mediating role of loneliness in the relationship between parent-child conflict and academic buoyancy (276 Downloads)
Effects of mindfulness based therapy on compassion and response to stress in special education teachers (238 Downloads)
Prediction of attitudes towards infidelity based on identity and life satisfaction (238 Downloads)
Structural model of academic engagement, rumination and cognitive-behavioral avoidance: Mediating role of self-efficacy (228 Downloads)
A review of the theoretical framework of the flipped classroom, with an emphasis on implementation methods in elementary schools in Iran (207 Downloads)
A comparison of experiential avoidance, resilience, and emotional regulation difficulties in adolescent students with narcissistic and histrionic personality traits (191 Downloads)
Investigating the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing group on academic achievement (190 Downloads)
Pathology of religious identity formation process in first secondary schools: a case study of Hormozgan province (185 Downloads)
Academic engagement and providing optimal solutions during the outbreak of global epidemics: A qualitative study (175 Downloads)
Predicting Achievement Motivation based on the Classroom Psychosocial Climate and Quality of School Life in Female High School Students (173 Downloads)
Modeling the relationships between quality of academic life and academic engagement: mediating role of academic self-efficacy (171 Downloads)
Identifying the Components of Preschool Curriculum Model based on Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory (162 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Students' Academic Achievement (157 Downloads)
The mediating role of identity status in the relationship between attachment styles and addiction to social media in the high school students (155 Downloads)
The relationship of self-efficacy and resilience with academic engagement: the mediating role of psychological hardiness (154 Downloads)
Sport Performance Prediction Model Based on Competitive Cognitive Anxiety, Mindfulness and Self-Efficacy in University (153 Downloads)
The relationship between original family health, sensation seeking and resilience with marital commitment (149 Downloads)
Investigating of the Mediating Role of Social Problems Solving in the Relationship among Parental Perception and Psychological Well-being of Adolescences (145 Downloads)
Predicting the academic adaptation of high school students based on coping strategies, parental support and belonging to school in the post-corona era (144 Downloads)
The relationship between teacher skills in the qualitative evaluation of math lessons with math anxiety, academic procrastination and thinking style (144 Downloads)
Investigating the relationship between Facebook addiction and cognitive emotion regulation strategies with the tendency to use drugs in middle school male students (141 Downloads)
Prediction the Academic Self-efficacy based on Incremental Intelligence Mindset, Motivational Beliefs and Academic Competence (136 Downloads)
Effectiveness of education based on Eisner's Seven Step Approach on creativity and academic emotions in high school students (131 Downloads)
Investigating the relationship between perceived school kindness and academic engagement: Mediating role of academic hope in high school students (131 Downloads)
Predicting aggression based on religious coping strategies and practicing religious beliefs inmale elementary school students (127 Downloads)
A model for designing teaching-learning space based on brain-centered approach in physical dimension for primary schools (124 Downloads)
The effectiveness of group dialectical behavior therapy on increasing emotional, communicative, sexual and social-recreational intimacy of depressed couples (118 Downloads)
The effect of environmental neurological components on math performance in unsuccessful female students (116 Downloads)
Elementary School Teachers’ Math Teaching Efficacy Beliefs and Job Motivation: A Correlational Study (113 Downloads)
Predicting life expectancy based on emotional intelligence: Mediating role of self-efficacy in Covid-19 patients (106 Downloads)
Relationship between time perspective and insufficient self-discipline among medical sciences students (106 Downloads)
The Role of Dimensions of Organizational Citizen Behavior in Social Capital (104 Downloads)
Relationship among academic accomplishment, family functions, and academic perfectionism (101 Downloads)
Relationship between Perceived Teacher Expectations and Cognitive Engagement: Mediating Role of Academic Self-Efficacy in Students with Learning Disorders (101 Downloads)
Comparing the effectiveness of collaborative teaching method with brain-based teaching method on students' social competence (100 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Emotion-oriented Therapy on Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms and Anxiety in ODD Children (97 Downloads)
Relationship of Work Tasks Motivation, Teaching self-efficacy and Teaching Emotions with Psychological Well-being in Teachers (90 Downloads)
Investigating the relationship between covid-19 anxiety and psychological distress among female high school students in Tabriz (69 Downloads)
Predicting Marital Satisfaction Based on Worry Domains and Psychosocial Adjustment in Female Diabetic Patients (69 Downloads)
Predicting Psychological Well-being Based on Family Emotional Atmosphere: Mediating Role of Social Support (66 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on the Marital Satisfaction and Sexual Performance in Couples with Emotional Divorce (55 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Transdiagnostic Treatment on Mental Fatigue, Stress Coping Style and Hypochondriasis in Women (54 Downloads)
Sociological Explanation of the Role of Counseling and Cultural Centers in Iranian Young Athletes' Unprofessional Behaviors and Lawlessness (47 Downloads)
Identifying the Fields and Mechanisms of Value Co-creation in Foreign Language Institutions Using Fuzzy DEMATEL Ranking Approach (Case Study: Tehran, Iran) (46 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Work and Technology Projects in Acquiring Scientific Skills of First Secondary Students with Emphasis on Fundamental Transformation Document of Education (44 Downloads)
Validation a Model of Learning Facilitators Club Related to Professional Training Development in Employees of Hormozgan Education Department (44 Downloads)
Comparing the Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy in Spirituality and Conflict Resolution Styles of Working Women (43 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Solution-oriented Group Counseling on Improving Job Burnout and Resilience of Working Women Referring to Counseling Centers in Bushehr City (43 Downloads)
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